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How to play
You need to find and defeat other ninjas. Being trapped in genjutsu you see a lot of ninjas that are not real. You need to find the real ones and eliminate.  Using abilities like attack(LMB) consume focus. You need to gather focus by meditating(RMB). Meditating in blue areas give you more focus. If your cover is exposed you can teleport(E) to a near by highlighted illusion. To create more confusion to the enemy you can spawn several illusions(Q) near you.

Movement : WASD 
Q: Spawn illusions
 E: Teleport to selected illusion
LMB: Attack
RMB: Meditate / Hide (gain focus)

Must have Steam opened.

Finding servers might require switching the download location to the server download location.

Known issues
Scoreboard might show wrong order.
Killing ninja does not remove him immediately and his attack still counts. Dying in same time might spawn you in same location.
There is no button to exit the end screen, only alt+f4 :)


andrei009_NinjasOnline.zip 129 MB

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